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Go beyond four walls of the classroom. The process of teaching is not confined to four walls of a classroom but goes much beyond that. EML is an Extra Mural lecture. As the name suggests, it will be something that is much more than classroom walls. Here, we, team EML present you something you may look for.

The EML sessions are in the form of lectures, talks, debates and discussions around the topics concerning the society, advancements in technology and science. Through these EML series the students are provided with an opportunity to interact with highly distinguished and reputed speakers from diverse background, and hence promotes a culture of intelligent and thought-provoking discourse into matters relating to contemporary society.

So, get ready and Stay tuned!!

Upcoming Talks


Pullela Gopichand

The Man Behind Indian Badminton
Date: 26th August 2020, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm IST
e-talk: Students can check their mail for joining details.

Only IIT Hyderabad students can watch live.

Live Session